Blues Club Terms and Conditions

  1. Seat entitlement is personal to the Blues Club Card Holder or his/her nominee.
  2. The Blues Club card entitles one person only (being the Blues Club Card Holder
    or his/her nominee) entry to Eden Park/QBE Stadium at any one time. The Blues Club Card Holder or their nominee shall produce and hand over their Blues Club Card or relevant tickets when asked by an Eden Park/QBE Stadium usher or security staff member.
  3. Blues Club Card Holders are requested to advise Eden Park/QBE Stadium ushers or security staff of any unauthorised person(s) sitting in their allocated seat(s) for designated fixtures.
  4. a) Right of admission to Eden Park/QBE Stadium is subject to regulations relating to venue. Blues Club Card Holders are not permitted to bring the following items into the stadium: glass bottles, metal containers, cans, alcohol or any other offensive items.
    b) Video or movie camera and other recording devices may be prohibited.
  5. Where non-smoking areas are specified, Blues Club Card Holders must comply with these conditions.
  6. The Blues reserve the right to on-sell Blues Club Card seats for additional fixtures (such as semi-finals/finals) in the event that the Blues Club Card seat has not been ordered or paid for by the deadline specified on the order form.
  7. The Blues Club Card Holder(s) named on the Blues Club Card is responsible
    for the Blues Club Card at all times. It is the Blues Club Card Holder’s responsibility to ensure that any other person using the card is aware of the responsibilities and limitations of the card and complies with these Terms and Conditions where relevant.
  8. The Blues Club Card is valid from 23 Feb 2017 to 5 Aug 2017; playoff tickets are not included as part of your membership however you will be given preferential purchasing rights.
  9. Allocation of seats is at the sole discretion of The Blues.
  10. Blues Club Card Holders or their nominees must vacate Eden Park/QBE Stadium when requested to do so by staff working on behalf of the Eden Park Trust/QBE Stadium.
  11. Blues Club Cards remain the property of The Blues and the Blues Club Card Holder is not permitted to sell their rights or the use of the card to a third party. Blues Club Card Holders must return their Card to The Blues in the event that the card is cancelled or forfeited.
  12. The Blues reserve the right to assign Blues Club Card Holders with new seats to accommodate the on-going development of Eden Park/QBE Stadium.
  13. There is a levy applied by Eden Park on all adult Blues Club membership packages. This is a contribution towards to ongoing cost of infrastructure maintenance and replacement.
  14. Breach or misuse of these conditions will, at the discretion of The Blues, result in cancellation or forfeiture of the rights of Blues Club Cards. The Blues have the right to forfeit your Blues Club Card in the event of, but not limited to the following circumstances: a) outstanding monies owed for the card or other designated fixtures (e.g. semi-final/finals games); b) the breach of any of the Eden Park/QBE Stadium bylaws by the Blues Club Card Holder or his/her nominee. (Bylaws notices are available on request and are displayed at entrances to Eden Park/QBE Stadium); c) any breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  15. If a Blues Club Card is lost, the Blues Club Card Holder will be required to provide The Blues with a statutory declaration indicating that the card has been misplaced along with payment details for the card. A card replacement fee of $25 applies. In the instance of a stolen Blues Club Card, the card will be replaced at no cost upon provision of a police report detailing the theft.
  16. If a Blues Club Card Holder wishes to cancel their card, a written request must be submitted to If the Blues Club Card Holder has attended one or more matches in the year prior to the request for cancellation, the Blues Club Card product will not be cancelled or refunded.
  17. Personal information is gathered and stored in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 to identify the purchaser and keep the purchaser informed of upcoming events.
  18. Blues Club Card Holders agree that it is an essential condition of issuance of Blues Club Cards and/or Match Tickets and the right of admission to the Matches conferred on the Member that Cards/Tickets will not be: a) offered, provided, resold or transferred at a premium; b) used in relation to any commercial purposes (including any competitions, advertising, promotion or as a prize in any competition or sweepstake) or to enhance the demand for any other goods or services or as part of a hospitality or travel package; and/or c) bundled with any other goods or services (including as part of any hospitality or travel package), without The Blues’s prior written consent.
  19. Benefits and conditions of Blues Club Cards are subject to change, and are at the discretion of The Blues. Only the 6 Game packs entitle the Card Holder access to the Members’ Lounge.
  20. Exchanges or refunds are not available on memberships or additional products purchased.
  21. All prices include GST.
  22. By renewing over the phone or online, you are accepting the terms and conditions of Blues Club Card.

Any concerns or grievances should be addressed to:

The Ticketing Services Manager
The Blues

P O Box 56-152, Dominion Road, Auckland

Phone: (09) 815 4823